Look Over There.....It's Death a Comin'

Several Morons on vacation in North Carolina waded out into the Atlantic Ocean to wait for the Hurricane.  Justin Barber and his classmates, Bob Winehut and Gabe Lawson broke away from their handlers this morning to, “Go out and meet Irene,”  according to Barber’s last words.  The trio was visiting the beach as part of a group from the J. E. Carter School for the Dimwitted, in Plains Georgia.  According to chaperone, Ivan Yesti, he and another chaperone brought a dozen students to the beach to briefly experience the wind.  “We had no idea that they would wander out into the ocean to meet the hurricane,”  he added.  “It was just supposed to be a five-minute thing and then back to the hotel but, somehow, when my partner and I were distracted by some of the other students, well the next thing you know, those three are 200 feet out in the water.”  “We yelled at the top of our lungs for them to get back to shore but, they didn’t respond.”  “the last thing we heard was Justin shouting, “Here it comes,”  he lamented. 

Yesti added, “We’re not quite sure how to break it to their parents,”  “I’m hoping they don’t flip out!” 


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