Don't be a Boob-Support Breast Awareness

October has been named  “Breast Awareness” month by No Maam, The National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Master-hood.   According to event organizer and long time breast connoisseur, Al Bundy, this designation is not to be confused with Breast “Cancer” Awareness Month.   Bundy’s group wants to make it known that they are simply promoting an awareness of breasts and are seeking no funds or donations for their project.  “We want all men to really be keenly aware of breasts wherever they go,” said Bundy.  “It’s the one uniting factor among men,” he added.  “From the time we are infants suckling on our mothers teats, to the time we are married and admiring those of other women, our world is filled with casaba melons of every size, shape and color.”  “It makes everyday like Thanksgiving,” he added.  “No Maam is hoping that this recognition will spread and provide a rallying point for men everywhere.”

No Maam’s Breast Awareness Month activities are expected to include a, Show us your Breasts Parade,  An America’s Most Beautiful Breast Contest and a Free Breast Exam provided by the members of No Maam. 


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