White House Job Ahead?

Sources close to the administration are saying that President Obama plans to appoint former Michael Jackson physician, Doctor Conrad Murray as the new Chief White House Physician, as soon as the his trial is completed.  “Obviously, we expect Doctor Murray to be exonerated,” said White House Spokesman Jay Carney.  “The President has a deep respect for Doctor Murray and has been a big fan of his work for quite some time,” he added.      

Murray is facing charges in the death of pop superstar, Michael Jackson, who passed away nearly two years ago as a result of the effects of propofol, a drug used in operating rooms to help put the patients to sleep.  Murray was administering the drug to Jackson at the time of his death. 

“The President is extremely confident that Murray will be found innocent and that he will be able to begin the job shortly after the end of the trial,” said Carney. 


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