At Least It Will Be The Last Increase

Today in the House of Representatives a bipartisan group of Legislators led by Nancy Pelosi proposed raising the income tax rate to 100% effective in 2012.   “We really believe we have hit upon a solution to the money problems we are having,” said Pelosi.  “After considering every possible alternative from spending less, to cutting programs, to filing bankruptcy, we finally  came up with an idea that we know will work,” she added.  “It’s hard to believe we didn’t think of this sooner,” she remarked.   Speaker of the House, John Boehner indicated that he might support the bill providing all sitting Congressmen are exempt.  “It might be something our caucus could get behind if a few conditions were met,” he added.  “We’re going to need some assurance that it exempts all sitting U.S. Senators and House Members.”  

“This could be a game changer.”  “With the extra cash this would generate we could pay off a majority of our debt and use the rest to pass more bills to help everybody,”    announced  Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer.   “It would be an unprecedented windfall.”

Plans are to have the IRS put into motion a method to have all earned income flow directly from employers to the Federal Government.  Once in place the system will draw out the entire earnings of every working person in America and redirect it to the government. 

When pressed about how Americans will be able to pay their bills and feed their families if they are taxed at 100% , Pelosi responded by saying, “We still need to work out a few bugs but, it’s nothing we cant fix.” 

Pelosi added, “Americans will just have to trust us to know what’s best for them.”   “Besides, we just need to pass the bill first then figure out how it will be worked out.”

When informed of the pending legislation, John Shoupe of Grand Rapids Michigan was a bit shocked to say the least.  “WTF, was his initial response.   Irene Wilson of Naples Florida could only shake her head and mumble the word, “Idiots.” 

A vote is scheduled on the bill this Friday. 


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