What is all this Stuff?

Despite his best efforts to hide a glaring weakness in his reputation,  a local Jack of All Trades named Louis Verdik, has been exposed because of his inability to do carpentry.  Verdik was exposed by his neighbor, Frank Moore when Moore who was in his back yard noticed Verdik staring at a hammer on the side of his porch, as some shingles and wood lay on the ground nearby.  “We had some pretty stiff wind last night,” remarked Moore.  “I even had an awning come down from my garage.”  When I came out to survey the damage, that’s when I notice Lou standing over there and just staring at his hammer.”    “It appeared he didn’t know what to do with it or even which end to hold on to.”  “I was stunned, with his reputation and all, I just couldn’t believe it.” 

Verdik had no comment when questioned by this reporter but, we can say that as we left the area the wood and shingles were still on the ground and the hammer had been left on the front porch rail.” 


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