Harland Q. Milligan of Delbar Mississippi passed away yesterday and with him went a now bygone era of American History.  Milligan was recognized as the “last true racist” in America.  Milligan was born the son of a sharecropper in Biloxi Mississippi in 1919, he was a high school dropout who ended up working at the local textile mill and eventually rose to the position of General Manager of Ronson Enterprises.  He joined the KKK In 1937 at the age of 18 and became the Grand Wizard of the Mississippi Klan at the age of 33.

Milligan was an avowed racist right up until his death and was known to be the last living member of the Eastern Mississippi Knights.  He was a proud man who wore his beliefs on his shirtsleeve.” said his daughter Mary.  “He wasn’t afraid to call a N*gger a N*gger and wanted confrontation with his opponents.”  Milligan will be interred in the Mount Airy cemetery in Lantsburg this Saturday.  Contributions in memory of Mr. Milligan  should be sent to the Eastern Mississippi Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in his name


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