The NBA and NFL have joined forces in requiring all black players to take classes in the English language.  The requirement was slipped in to the recent labor settlements each league has signed with its respective  players associations.  At a joint press conference held yesterday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell and NBA Commissioner David Stern announced that the new requirement will go into effect immediately.  “Just listening to some of these guys talk, it’s really tough to understand them without resorting to a translator,” said Goddell.   “They are the faces of the league,” added Stern.  “It’s something that needs to happen.”  “We want to be able to communicate effectively with our fans and the best way to do it is to speak English and speak it clearly,” Stern chimed. 

“We’ve hired a couple of retired English and Grammer instructors in each city and the teams will be responsible to provide space and time for the instruction,” Goddell said. 

When asked what the white players will be doing while their teammates are in class, Goddell responded,  “It’s up to the individual teams but, we are encouraging them to get more athletic.”   Stern added, “We really don’t have any of those types to worry about.” 


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