Maybe Somebody Like This Guy

A recent survey by the Pugh Group Limited, shows that 58% of African Americans would  prefer a white President.  The survey, which appeared in the  October issue of  Soul Magazine, a whopping majority of respondents indicated they would like to see a Wealthy Conservative Republican White Man in the White House as soon as possible.  DeSean Lee Onis, magazine publisher was quoted as saying, “It was a complete shock to us, unbelievable might be better word.”    “I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many brothers what to put whitey back in the Oval Office,” he lamented.  “It took us over 200 years to get them out, and now they want to put him back, it’s crazy.”   Dexter Montrose of Harlem, one of the respondents, said that he much preferred the days when white men like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were our Presidents.  “I just know for certain I was much better off in those days, than I am now,” he stated.  Obama may have colored skin but, he ain’t no friend of the black man.”   “Besides that, everyone knows, Bill Clinton was the first black President,” he added.


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