I Can HearSee your Footsteps

In a shocking twist TMI is reporting that Motown singing sensation, Stevie Wonder has been signed to be a judge on the next installment of Dancing With The Stars.  Show producer John Eisenberg had a difficult time containing his excitement during the announcement.  “We are extremely pleased to have Stevie as a judge on our show,” he said.  “I’m aware there may be some detractors but, they will find out that Stevie will be one of our most competent judges,” he added.  When asked the obvious question as to how a blind man could judge a dancing contest, Eisenberg responded emphatically.   “Stevie has assured us he can handle this responsibility.”  “Besides teaching himself to play instruments, sing and move around with his disability, Stevie has developed a unique ability to to listen to footsteps and “see” in his minds eye, the movements of dancers.”  “It’s really not all that hard,” Wonder said.  “You just listen really closely and develop a mental image of the footwork.”  “Besides that I can hear the slips and out of step mistakes the same way.”  “Believe me, I can do this,” he said.  Wonder who recently got his pilot’s license, was interviewed shortly after completing his warm up laps for the Firecracker 400 at the Miami Raceway.


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