Can Somebody Take Me To The Bathroom?

Former Senator and Presidential Candidate, Bob Dole, announced his endorsement of Warren G. Harding for the Republican Party nomination for  President in 2012.  According to the Director of the Russell, Kansas Senior Home, John Mills, the former Senator awoke from his mid-afternoon nap and went over to the Rec Hall, where a bingo game was in progress, grabbed the microphone and announced his support for Harding over the public address system.  “Bob is a bit erratic these days,” said Mills.  “He occasionally forgets things like what year it is, who the President is, or even who is alive or dead.”   “We were caught a little off guard by his sudden actions.”  “In fact so much so that when he interrupted bingo, we weren’t able to stop Irene and Edna from whacking him over the head with their purses.”   “From now on, we are going to increase his medicines to try to tone down his acting out,” added Mills.  “It’s for his own safety and the safety of the other residents,” he said. 


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