On The Road to China

Reports out of Hollywood are saying that Chinese Billionaire, Quan Duc Tuo has purchased the world renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame and is planning to move it to Peking in the spring.  Duc Tuo, who made his wealth in the shipping industry has long been a fan of everything Hollywood.  Hollywood mayor Mary Otis says that she along with the majority of Hollywoodites are “extremely disappointed and outraged,” by these recent events.  “I just can’t believe it is happening,” she says.  “It’s hitting us all like a ton of bricks right now.”   Representatives of Duc Tuo have indicated that the billionaire is preparing to hire a construction company to remove the entire Walk and begin transporting it to China as soon as possible.  Otis has indicated that she and the city’s council are preparing a contingency plan to replace the Walk of Fame, with something even better.  Unnamed sources close to the situation are hinting that the mayor favors moving some famous graves into the holes left by the Walk’s removal.  “We believe this idea could be a winner,” said the source.  “Imagine if we could move a bunch of dead celebrities there, that would be really cool.”


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