In a dramatic move never before attempted by a U.S. President, Barack Obama used his power to appoint Tim Tebow into the NFL Hall of Fame.  The recess appointment was announced by presidential press secretary, Jay Carney, at his daily press briefing earlier today.  Carney made the announcement at the end of the press conference, much to the surprise of the reporters in attendance.  According to Carney, the President has a great fondness for the Bronco Quarterback and was quite excited by his performance on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Carney said, “The President is a big football fan and is quite enamored by the quarterback and his recent heroics.”  “Mr Obama wanted to make sure that Tebow got in to the hall and figured this was the best way to make that happen.” 

In doing so, Tebow will now become the first active player inducted in to the hall.  The induction ceremony will be held in August, at which time Tebow’s bust will be unveiled in it’s place of honor in Canton.   Tebow’s coach John Fox has already stated that he will allow Tebow to be excused from training camp to attend the ceremony.  “We’re really happy for Tim and the fact that he will be inducted at such a young age representing our team and our fans,” said Fox.  “We’re going to need him back at practice pretty quick after the ceremony to get ready for our exhibition game agains the Falcons.”


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