The Jim Henson Company introduced its latest cast member today as “Tyler” the shrieking Muppet made his debut on the Public Television Network.  Tyler was introduced by the late Henson’s son Brian, who described the new character as, part Beast and part Cousin It.  “We tried to combine two of dad’s favorite television characters, The Beast, from Beauty and the Beast with Cousin It, of Addams Family fame.”  “We think we were able to capture the essence of both characters into one magical loud, obnoxious, shrieking new addition to our stable of characters.”   “I am pretty confident dad would be proud,” said the younger Henson.  “Yes he’s a little scary to look at but, we are confident that his quirks will win over all fans of The Muppets.”  “We were originally going to make him a singer but, we figured nobody would be willing to believe it, so we just decided to give his voice a shrieking quality.”  Henson added, “We are going to put out a disclaimer that he will be best enjoyed by children over six because of his somewhat scary appearance but, we wouldn’t discourage parents watching with their younger children and explaining to them about tolerance of others and their deformities.”  “We want Tyler to be a positive role model for all children, especially those with image problems or disfiguring injuries.”


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