3 More Days to Party

By presidential edict, President Obama has decreed that beginning in 2013 Black History Month will be celebrated in March instead of February.  When asked why the change was necessary the President’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney,  indicated that Mr. Obama felt that having the holiday in February, with only 28 days was not enough time to honor the contributions of black folks.  “We want a month with the full compliment of 31 days so we don’t get cheated anymore,” said the President.  “”A lot of black folks just felt that the added three days would allow more time to celebrate our achievements,” he added.  In a related move the White House also announced that St. Patrick’s Day would be moved to January 17th, to avoid Catholic Americans from having to worry about giving up alcohol for the holiday, which occasionally fell during the Lenten Season.  “Now those damn Irish Catholics can drink till they drop and won’t  have to worry about Lent interfering,”  said Obama.  “We’re dedicating this one to good old Teddy.”


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