Hockey's Soupy Brains

The NHL celebrated its 1000th concussion tonight in the game between the Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders.  The historic event occurred about mid-way into the third period when Capitals star Alex Ovechkin collided with   Islander Forward Matt Martin propelling him into the boards head first.  As a groggy Martin staggered to his feet, the crowd roared it’s approval when the record was displayed on the Univision Jumbotron at the Capitals Arena.  For their participation in the historic event, both players will be taken to Disneyland on a trip sponsored by the League. “This is one I will be able to tell my grand-kids I was around for,” said Caps fan, Donald Carter.  “”It’s like being there for Wilt’s 100 point game or the Cal Ripkin’s record breaking games streak.”  “This was really a memorable night,” he added.

The NHL has requested Martin’s still bloody helmet, in order to display it at the NHL Hall of Fame.  According to the NHL’s  Head of Hockey Discipline, Brenden Shanahan, the record  will just be the first of many milestones the league will achieve this season.  “Next up on our list will be the 10,000 undisclosed injury. ”  “We expect that to happen sometime in late March, ” he noted.  According to a League spokesman, “this was one whale of a year for records being broken,”  he added.  “We expect many more to fall very shortly.”


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