An independent photographer who recently returned from Iraq and said to be working for the UN, went on a rampage today shooting nearly 200 photographs on the streets of New York City.  Reports indicate the photographer was running up to people on the streets while shouting incoherently and snapping photos nearly non-stop.  According to witnesses, the photographer was sprinting from corner to corner in Manhattan, wielding his camera, flashing it in people’s faces and holding in the shoot button until he was tackled by some construction workers.  “The guy was just running around holding waving his camera all over the place shouting some barely coherent rant about Global WarmingSarah Palin and Fox News,” said Ray Abernathy, a passerby.   “All I know is this guy is sprinting and shouting, waving his camera around and the next thing I know, a couple of workers with hard hats tackle him.”   “All you could hear was the loud click of the camera and I could see people dropping out of panic all over the place.”  “It was terrifying,” he added.

The identity of the shooter was not yet clear but, metro police indicated he will face several charges including; harassment and criminal mischief.   Police plan on examining the content of the camera to look for clues as to a motive.  Spokesman for the UN had no comment.

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