Scientists reported on a recent study which showed that obesity was successful in curing anorexia in 98% of the participants.  The study, funded by the Federal Government seems to show very conclusively that hope for a cure to the anorexia epidemic is at hand.  According to Theodore Meyers, study director, “We really hit on something this time.”  “I think we are finally going to be able to say that like Polio, we have a cure for anorexia.”  “Once the government approves this program, it will be available to everyone suffering from this dreaded disease,” he added.   “Who would have thought that fat was the cure for thin,” said Alice McGowen Jones, a long time sufferer.  McGowen Jones, a participant in the study was able to gain 350 pounds by following the program.   “I can’t believe how great I feel,” she said.   “I know I’m a bit slower and not much to look at now but, hell I feel like a million buck compared to before.”  Meyers called her a true success story and promised that this was only the beginning.  “We hope to have a million McGowen Jones’,” he stated.


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