Cell Block D Watch Captain

George Zimmerman,  a recently arrested Florida man, has been asked to head up the Sanford Prison’s Cell Block  D, watch group.  According to prison spokesman Justin Leeman, Zimmerman, who has been accused of shooting Trayvon Martin, a black youth, who was walking around in  Zimmerman’s neighborhood, was asked because of his experience as a neighborhood watch Captain in Sanford.  “There is no question George is the right man for the job,” said Helen Waite, Sanford Prison’s Director of PR.  “We are going to give him an orange vest and flashlight and let him keep an  eye on the entire cell block,” she added.  “However, we’ve instructed him not to follow any inmates or to confront anyone.”  ” All he has to do is ring the bell we gave him if he sees anything suspicious going on.” 


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