This year’s Stanley Cup Finals will feature a fan concussion contest between every period.   As part of the contest,  fans will be selected to come down onto  the ice and take a head shot from one of the home team’s biggest players.  “This experience will give our fans a taste of what it feels like to get hit in the head just like their favorite players,” announced league commissioner Gary Bettman.  “We are hoping it becomes the ultimate fan experience by giving the ticket holder a true game sensation,” he added. 

According to sources,  the rules will allow  fans to decide it they wish to wear a helmet or not and they will have the option of selecting the player they want to give them the hit.   NHL spokesman,  David Marshall, told reporters that fans will vie for prizes and those able to walk off the ice will be rewarded with game tickets and other fan fun giveaways.  “We’re even thinking of bringing each team’s champion to league headquarters for a playoff,” he continued.  According to reports, fans unable to leave the ice without help will be treated to gift certificates to the team store.  “We hope to have a champion “Crowned” by the end of the Finals, and, as an added bonus, we will be allowing our fans at home to call in and vote for their favorite concussed patron.”   “It should be exciting.”


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