Jarhead Ted

After receiving a tremendous amount of criticism for his alleged efforts to avoid serving in Vietnam, rocker Ted Nugent has decided to enlist in the U. S. Marines.   When asked about the reasons behind his decision, Nugent told reporters that, “I’m sick and tired of reading in the press how I bailed out of my responsibility to serve in Vietnam.”  ” It’s all a bunch of BS, I made up 40 years ago in an interview with a Detroit tabloid.”    “The fact-finding web site, Snopes, has even come out with information that the whole story can’t be determined,” he added.  “As a result and in order to prove my dedication to my country, I’ve decided to enlist in the Marines.”  Nugent is expected to arrive in Camp Lejune in May to begin basic training.  “It doesn’t matter that I’m 64 years old,” he added.  ” I’m going to show those mothers that I got what it takes.”


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