Tastes Like Chicken?

An investigative report by a local Kentucky TV station has uncovered information that the largest selling item at the concession stands at Churchill Downs for the last three years has been , none other than, horse meat!  The shocking revelation came to light on the 7:00 PM newscast on WPNY channel 37 in Louisville, shortly after the race today.  “I can’t believe it,”  says longtime race attendee, Wilbur Post.  “All this time I thought it was beef,” he added.  According to reporter, Ima Gelding, there appears to be a conspiracy to increase track profits by recycling some of the older training horses.  According to Gelding’s report, when one of the track horses died or had to be put down, the body was taken to a special barn for processing.  “I know it must be frightening for those who consumed these “mystery burgers,” to find out they may have been tasting a descendent of Secretariat or Seattle Slew, rather that one of Farmer Johnson’s prized heifers.” 

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