We’re All Democrats Now

The Obama re-election committee has launched a new series of ads which promote dead veterans who support his re-election in 2012.  “The committee came up with this angle and we believe it’s something new” said Felix Flatt, assistant director of the committee to re-elect Obama.  “We are pretty confident that this is a group that will go almost 100% to our man in the upcoming November General Election,” he added.   According to the Washington Mirror, Obama’s popularity among dead veterans is expected to peak by election day and it may help him collect some votes in critical states.  Flatt continued, “We are planning to move forward with some other strategies including; preschoolers for Obama, Kenyan’s for Obama, the aborted for Obama and the unborn for Obama.”   “The President has a way of reaching beyond the limits of this mortal world and into the spirit world,” added Flatt.  “We are confident that, these largely untapped sources will give us the edge we need to win in  November.”


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