After 42 years of searching, 77 year  old Victor Aller, finally found his Mojo in a most unusual place.  “I’ve been looking for it for a very long time,” he said.  “I can’t tell you how many times I tore the house apart but could never find it.”  Aller commented that he began to believe he may have lost it somewhere in Europe on his tenth anniversary, which was spent traveling through France, Italy and Germany.  I was certain the damn thing was on some beach in France, or a restaurant in Germany,” he added.  Aller’s wife Betty, was very excited  upon hearing the news.  “It’s been a tough 42 years living with a man without his Mojo, I can tell you that,” she lamented.  “There were some pretty dark times when he just couldn’t get it together.”  “I couldn’t believe it was in that old Denture cup that was in the back of the bathroom vanity all these years.”

Aller isn’t quite sure what he is going to do now that his Mojo is back.  “I’ll just probably check out a few singles bars to test it out,” he said.


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