Missiles? Nope.

U.S. State Department officials have identified photos previously believed to be of North Korean missiles in their silos, as being forgeries.  “Upon further analysis, we have come to the realization that the photos we originally believed to be of North Korean Ballistic missiles in their silos, are in fact photo shopped pictures of lipstick containers,” announced Wiley Knapp, assistant head of State Department counter intelligence.   “Originally, we were fooled into believing that our spy drones captured a group of North Korean missiles preparing to launch,”  he added.  “It’s not too often we get fooled like this and we are a bit red-faced by it all,” said Knapp. 

Initial analysis indicated a problem and as a result an alert was sent out to all U.S. forces in South Korea and the Sixth Fleet , stationed in the Sea of Japan, according to sources in the Pentagon.  U.S. Fighter jets were scrambled but, were called back immediately upon realizing the error,”  said Timothy Dalton, Pentagon spokesman. 

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