Back up the moving vans

In a shocking last-minute decision the International Olympic Committee has decided to move the 2012 Summer Games from London to Baghad for security reasons.   According to the IOC Director Johnathan LaGarage the games are moving as a precaution because of terror threats in London.  “We realize this is a bit late into the process but, we felt it would be much safer in Iraq due to the large amount of U.S. forces stationed there,” he said.  “Sometimes tough decisions have to be made and after all, the welfare of our athletes is the most important consideration,” he added. 

“I’m sure the British will be pissed for a while but, eventually they will get over it and come to realize it is in everyone’s best interest.” 

Director of the British Olympic Committee, Sir Issac Dale was quoted as saying,  ” What a fucking cheap ass move to pull at the last minute.”  “What the hell are we supposed to do with all these facilities we built.”  “Who the hell is going to compensate us for our losses,” he asked. 

Meanwhile, U.S. Forces in Iraq were seen cleaning up the local playgrounds, tennis courts and gyms in Baghad in preparation. 


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