In an Email sent to its’  players association, the NFL has ordered that any players planning on committing  crimes do so before the start of training camp.  “We want to be sure that our players are focused on having a successful training camp and therefore we are requiring that all crimes they plan on committing be committed prior to the first day of camp,” said Larry Ingols, NFL assistant director of player services.  “This would include, bar fights, domestic abuse, DWI, DUI, disorderly conduct or whatever.”  “in other words, pretty much everything,” he added. 

” We’ve had some distractions in prior years during our camps and we want to avoid that from here on out, so we are issuing a notice up front to our players that we want all this stuff cleaned up before they come in,” remarked Ingols.  The players association has indicated its willingness to cooperate.  “We want to do everything to clean up our image,” said Ronnie Langston, association spokesman.  The NFL has a history of players not staying on the right side of the law.


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