Bruce Willis, a cab driver from  New Jersey, took his friend Oliver Kincade fishing in order to try to get some information from Kincade regarding his  upcoming testimony in a trial involving a local drug dealer with Mafia connections.   While in the process of quizzing Kincade, Willis latched on to a record-breaking 40 pound red catfish, inadvertently winning  a contest sponsored by  local radio station WETO.  The contest which ran this weekend, offered one thousand dollars to the person who caught the largest fish on the Walkill River in a 24 hour period beginning at midnight on Saturday.  Willis was not even aware that a contest was in progress and took the win in stride.  “Sometimes it’s just dumb luck,” he said.  “I was only there to chat with Ollie and ended up coming home with some dough.”

In a related note Kincade’s body was found a mile downstream, where it came ashore nearly eight hours after he accidentally fell into the river shortly after meeting up with his friend. 


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