America’s Old/New President?

A secret memo allegedly leaked from top sources within the democratic party indicates that some members of the party’s hierarchy favor drafting former president Jimmy Carter to replace Barack Obama as the party’s nominee.   “If this is true it would be a shocking development,” said NBC reporter John Mansin.  “It would perhaps be the biggest surprise in the history of party conventions,”  he added.  According to sources within the party leadership, Obama has no chance of winning reelection and as a result, they are looking for someone to unite the party and generate some major excitement.”   According to delegate, Anthony Quail, the party will be in big trouble if Obama is the candidate.  “He (Obama) has no record to run on and will probably be defeated in a landslide,” he said.  “I don’t think we’ve ever put up an incumbent with this poor of a record and background,” Quail added.   If Obama gets the nomination, we are going to go down to a worse defeat than Custer,” he lamented.  ” Al least with Carter, we’ll have some instant name recognition and experience.”  Not to mention his being viewed by many as a statesman.”  Hopefully, most folks will be too young to remember (or will have forgotten) how lousy of a president he was.”    The 87 year old Carter would be the oldest person ever elected, should he get the nomination and be elected.  He would also be only the second president to have his terms split.  The first being Grover Cleveland.  Neither Carter or Obama had any comment on the story.


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