DNC Economics Speaker

Evidently, the Democratic Party has decided to bring in a big name, high level math wiz to deal with the topic of the economy.  Reports indicate that they have turned to Jethro Bodine, sixth grade graduate and a renowned Economic Czar from Beverly Hills.  Bodine is well known for his advanced skills in mathematics and for his unique grasp of Economics.  He is scheduled to speak at the convention on Thursday.  “This is really a home run for us,” said DNC spokesman Lester Motely.  “We couldn’t have  asked for a more insightful and down to Earth speaker to lay out our philosophy and goals, than Mr. Bodine,” he added.  Naturally, we wanted someone smarter than most of the American people but, we wanted someone who could lay things out in a way most of them could understand.”   “Once he lays it out so clearly and simply, we expect a great response from the American people.” 

Bodine grew up in the Hills of The Ozarks and later moved to Beverly Hills California with his uncle Jed, when Jed struck oil on his property.  Bodine’s long list of accomplishments include: working as a millwright, brain surgeon, spy, and a Hollywood producer.  Jan Maysone, a Democratic delegate had a hard time containing her excitement at the prospect of hearing Bodine speak.  “He has always been a hero of mine,’ she chimed.  “Finally, we are going to get an intelligent, intellectual lesson in our party’s view of how the economy will work.”   Bodine’s technique is known to be a unique combination of “cypherin” and the “go-zin-ta” method of Economics.   Bodine graduated at the top of his class at Oxford (in the Ozarks).  


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