Filming Moe Hammud

The film marker who’s most recent film has caused anti-American eruptions all across the Middle East, including the death of a U.S. Ambassador has issued a statement clarifying the meaning of the fourteen minute film.  “It was designed to be a spoof of a college friend of mine whose name happens to be Moe Hammud.”  We have this ongoing gag thing that we have been doing since we graduated.”  “It was intended as a harmless prank video to get under his skin and to get him back for painting my house pink while I was on vacation.”   “I know that I feel terrible about what has happened and didn’t intend for anyone to get offended other than Moe,” he added.   When contacted for comment Mr. Hammud said, “It serves him right for trying to get me back.”  “I guess this means I win, he has a pink house and is now in hiding, while I’m sitting here at the table laughing my ass off.”   “I guess I’m ahead now, I don’t think he will be coming up with any retaliation anytime soon.”  


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