I’m Over Here

In an unbelievable stroke of good fortune for his family, the body of Jimmy Hoffa was found buried in a recently exhumed grave at Arlington National Cemetery.   As part of an ongoing investigation into mistakes made at Arlington burials several families requested exhumation of grave sites which supposedly held their loved ones.   It was during this event that a casket marked with the name of Sergeant Louis Mays was opened and much to the surprise of those present, Hoffa’s body was stuffed inside.   The still well-preserved remains were found with a single bullet hole in the head and a tan sock stuffed into the mouth.  “It was shocking to peer into that box and see the face of Hoffa,” said Colonel Max Lewis of the Arlington Cemetery Records and Burial Division.  “There was no doubt it was him.”   Hoffa was last seen alive outside a Detroit restaurant in July of 1975.  “We are elated that 35 year mystery has finally been resolved,” announced John Chapman,  Detroit field agent for the FBI.  “We’re finding this whole thing to be very suspicious and plan to scour the casket and remains for evidence.”  We are looking to bring those that did this to justice,” he added.


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