You too can have a smile like this one

Apparently, the big winner in yesterday’s vice-presidential debate may turn out to be Joe Biden‘s dentist, Dr. Hal Upton.  Upton’s office confirmed that the continual smiling and laughing by the Vice President, was  carefully orchestrated by the two of them, during Biden’s last check up.  “Joe came in and was talking about the upcoming debate, while I was focused on telling him how great his teeth and smile were.”  “Suddenly, the idea hit both of us almost simultaneously.”  “He would get a cleaning on the house in return for a little bit of ad time,” said Upton.  “It was a “win-win” situation in every sense of the word.”   “In fact it went even better than I had hoped, ” Upton added.  “Joe spent so much time laughing and had that “Cheshire Cat” smile on his face almost the entire 90 minutes.” 

According to Upton, he has received nearly 200 calls  for people seeking to become patients and asking if he can give them “that Biden smile.” 


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