Resting on the Campaign Trail

The latest Gallup Poll shows Libertarian candidate Ron Paul vaulting ahead of both Mitt Romney AND President Obama and his lead appears to be in double digits.  It’s hard for some to understand how, at this late stage of the campaign, Paul could make such drastic strides.  According to Paul’s campaign manager, William Bascom, “We are not the least bit surprised by this development.”  “We knew our man was out working very hard to change some minds and that he has been picking up support at a rapid pace.”  Bascom said, “We aren’t exactly what tilted the board in our favor.”   “It could be his support of a 23% national sales tax,

or his staunch Anti-Jewish or Anti-Black message that is finally getting across.”   “For all we know it could be his belief that there should be no age of consent laws or his support for legalizing all drugs.  ”  “Whatever it is, we are happy for the support as we prepare for President Paul’s first term. 



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