Marathon Runners Pause for the Cause

Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, officials in New York have decided not to cancel the Looters Marathon to be held on Sunday.  According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the city wants to show its resilience to the world by continuing with the event, despite the massive mess the city is facing.  “We are not going to allow something like a hurricane to bring New Yorkers down,” said the Mayor.  “This marathon is part of what our city is about,” he added.  “We want our citizens to know we are going to move forward.” 

Despite the fact the looters will have to dodge flood waters, burned out neighborhoods, large areas of debris, mud and sand, the event is expected to bring out a large number of participants.  Jaquell “Jailbird”  Roberts, a longtime looter is glad to hear the event is still going to be held.  “We’s glad to hear the mayor is letting us come in an do our thang,  we gonna  run and pick up some stuff and run some moe.”   Lots of lectronic stores and bling shops on da way.”  “Me and my peeps be glad to be part of this shit.” 


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