A Spittin’ Image of The Duke

Chan En’eng, the body double who worked closely with John Wayne in his last four movies  is still riding the range after all these years.  En’eng was recently photographed outside his ranch in Pyonyang, New Mexico on Thanksgiving Day.  En’eng was recognized as the most famous lookalike of all of Wayne’s stand-ins.  According to director Don Seigel, who directed the Duke’s final film, The Shootist, “We really liked his similarity in appearance and mannerisms to John, and his ability to ride almost as well as the Duke.”    Reports indicate that he has lived quietly and mostly off the radar since Mr. Wayne’s passing.   He has been able to live off the royalties from the success of the films he made with the actor.  When asked about his relationship with Wayne, he said, “I love John to death.”  “He was the consummate man’s man.”   According to En’eng, he turned down several other opportunities including as a body double for Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator and a similar role as a stand-in for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.  


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