Goodnight Craze

Goodnight Craze

Longtime comedian and singer, Crazy Guggenheim who became  famous for his appearances on the Jackie Gleason Show,  shot himself on live television yesterday after an angry rant against conservatives.  Guggenheim was nearing the end of a long rant in which he was blaming Republicans and Conservatives for all the ills of society when he suddenly put his loaded index finger to his head and pulled his thumb.  He was pronounced mentally dead at the scene.  Guggenheim’s friends said he had been having “issues” recently and was taking several medicines to combat a variety of ailments both physical and mental.  Guggenheim, was thought to have some issues with alcohol and was known to frequent Joe’s Bar.  His good friend and fellow patron at Joe’s Bar,  Mr. Dunahee said, “Craze was one in a million he could sing like a songbird and had a great sense of humor.”

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