imagesDescendents of the great Inca’s of Peru are upset their ancestor’s calendar is not getting the same respect as that of the Mayans.  Angry Inca’s have been protesting in Lima Peru regarding what they view as a “slight” to their ancestors and their end of the world predictions.  “We can’t believe that the media and internet have been ignoring the predictions made by our ancestors over 500 years ago,” said Inca spokesman, Guano Dio.  Dio a direct descendent of the great Inca ruler, Montezuma, is the head of the Modern Inca Society, an organization of descendents of the great Peruvian civilization.  “Our ancestor’s also predicted the end of the world but, no one is paying attention,” he added.   “Our culture has never gotten the respect given to the Mayans or even the Aztecs for that matter,” he said.  “All I hear out there is Mayans, Mayans,Mayans and I’m getting a bit tired of it.”   “People are going to find out that they have been paying attention to the wrong Indians,” he stated.  “It’s discrimination plain and simple.”  “Just because we are darker skinned tribe than the Mayans, shouldn’t force us into second class status.” 


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