U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in WashingtonA 25th reunion of the Capitol Hill High School class of 1987 was held on December 31st in Washington D.C.  This group was the last class  of American high school students to be identified using the term, “retarded” instead of  ” special needs.” 

Class President Jon Baner said he was extremely proud to be part of history.  “it’s great to be able to be the last group of people to do something or to be identified as something special.”    “It’s a unique honor and we wear the badge of the retarded,  proudly,” he added.

“As many people know beginning in 1988 the term, “retard” was retired from public education jargon,” said class VP, Nan C. Plosie.

“We were the last of our kind, true originals.”   “We are the last of the retards,” she added. 

In a show of unity the class voted unanimously to spend more money then they had in their class treasury and to pass the balance outstanding on to the class of 2024.

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