condomThe Catholic Church  unveiled a new more durable communion wafer,  to be used in all churches by February 1st.    The new wafer comes after years of experimentation and trial and error.  “This new wafer should hold up better during mass,” said Bishop Conrad Domacle.  “We’ve been experimenting with several different types of materials and found this to be the longest lasting,” he added.   “A great deal of our input has been that people wanted something more filling and with more consistency.”   “It’s going to be a bit more chewy than the old standard and may take our parishioners a while to get used to but, we are pretty confident it will be a big hit.”  The Cardinal added, “one of the downsides of the change is that the wafers will no longer be able to be made by our nuns.”  We’ve signed a ten year contract with the Trojan Company to produce these and I’m pretty confident everyone will be pleased with the results.”


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