IImaget appears that Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis’ missing fur coat has been found in a Baltimore Salvation Army donation box..  “The long white fur coat may have been in the box for many years,” says Salvation Army Captain Eddie Reed Jr.  “This box has been in the back of our warehouse for the last 12 or 13 years and was about to be junked, when one of our workmen looked inside and saw an item rolled up on the bottom,” he added.  “When the coat was removed we found a tag inside with the initials R.L. along with the number 52, stitched into the collar,” he said.  “It doesn’t appear we will be able to give the coat to anyone because it seems to have a large amount of red colored liquid dried up all over it.”   “We’re going to try to get the coat back to it’s rightful owner after the Super Bowl.” 


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