ImageIn an amazing turn of events, the FBI in Alabama stormed a bunker in an attempt to rescue a five-year old boy,  who had been taken hostage by a local lunatic, not only rescued the boy but, found the remains of England’s King Richard IV buried inside. 

“We’re not quite sure how his bones came to be here in Alabama,” said agent John Kenny.  “All we know is we went in to get the kid and take down his abductor, and we dig around a bit and find these bones buried a few inches into the ground.”   “Next thing you know we find out it’s the remains of an English King.”  “We have no idea how he got here but, it certainly killed two birds with one stone.” 

Earlier this week the remains of Richard the IV’s father, Richard the III were found under a municipal parking lot in Leicester, England.  “I’d really call this a damn amazing coincidence,” said Kenny.  “First the dad is dug up and now the son.”  “Pretty amazing.” 

When asked how authorities were able to determine it was indeed Richard IV’s body, Kenny replied, “Duh, we found his ID printed neatly in his wallet.” 


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