Let Me Dance or You Die!

Let Me Dance or You Die!

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seems hell bent on starting World War III, with his recent actions on the Korean Peninsula.  Apparently, Kim is angry over the American refusal to allow him to try out for the next round of Dancing With The Stars.   Sources in the Korean nation have indicated that Jong-Un has been practicing a great deal for the opportunity to perform on the American TV Show.  “We were not aware of the Dear Leader’s interest in performing on our show, said ABC Exec, Douglas MacArthur.”  “Regardless of that, we have rules and standards that are applied equally to all people interested in appearing on the show.”  Mr. Un did not meet these requirement and, as a result, was not invited back to the second audition, he added.” 

A North Korean spokesman said that Mr Jong-Un  had been watching American Films such as, Fame, Dirty Dancing, Singing In The Rain  and numerous others and was distressed over his treatment on the dance show and indicated that the leader was willing to, “Let my nukes do the talking.” 


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