Cutthroat Combination

Cutthroat Combination

In a shocking development Convicted murderer Jodi Arias announced that she will wed fellow killer OJ Simpson in a private ceremony in a Maricopia County Jail on June 23rd.  According to Arias the  two became acquainted when Simpson sent her a note indicating he was a big fan and “really appreciated your style.”  Simpson was cleared of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence.  Simpson was unable to remain out of prison however as he was arrested, tried and convicted for his part in a robbery and kidnapping scheme.  Simpson was given special permission to call Arias a few months ago and that phone call lead to a marriage proposal, said Simpson spokesman, Donald Watterson.  “OJ Is feeling great right now, He is on cloud nine,” said Watterson.   “He really believes he may have found his soul mate this time,” he added,    Sources indicate that Simpson will be allowed to travel to the Maricopia Jail to take part in ceremony and then will be taken back to his prison in Las Vegas immediately thereafter. 

The happy couple has established a bridal registry that includes items such as;  a knife set, gloves, a camera, and ski masks.  The will be honeymooning in their respective prison cells. 


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