Guilty? Verdict In Before Trial

George Zimmerman the accused killer of Travon Martin, will plead his case in front of an all black jury according to reports out of Florida.   Trial judge Deshawne Jackson indicated he will be moving the trial to the heavily black Union County, despite the protests of Zimmerman’s defense team.  “This is an outright disregard for the fair due process of law,” said Zimmerman attorney, Marc O’Mara.   “There is no way George can get a fair trial, if this is allowed to stand,” he added. 

Meanwhile, attorneys for the Martin family were elated with the latest court decision.  “We are happy to hear that the case is being moved to an area of the state that is representative of Trayvon and his family,” said Sheniqua Jefferson, a spokesperson for the Martin Family.    “We know this strategy worked for OJ and his is the Holy Grail of cases like this,” she added.  “There is no reason to think a jury made up of a couple angry black women, gang-bangers, deadbeat dads, pro basketball players and homeless folks, can’t come to a fair conclusion,”  she stated. 

In a related note, and an unusual coincidence,   Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have volunteered for jury service in Union County.


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