Conceal and Carry

Conceal and Carry

President Obama yesterday asked the House and Senate to consider a stricter gum control proposal that would make it more difficult for Americans to own and carry gum.  The proposal is expected to meet with strong opposition among gum owners and many conservatives.   “We have to do something about the rash of gum incidents around the country,” said an administration spokesman.  “There have way too many incidents of people abusing their gum  and we need to get it off the streets,” he added.  

President Obama has been pushing for stronger gum laws especially when it comes to multi-pack  containers and the larger buckets, seen more and more around the country. 

Gum Rights advocates are pushing back and enlisting the aid of sympathetic lawmakers in an effort to defeat any proposals that might come forth. 



America's Newest Heroes

America’s Newest Heroes

In an apparent agreement with the U.S. Government and with the blessing of President Obama, Syria has agreed to sell its’ entire stockpile of chemical weapons to The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of Las Vegas,  and it’s owners the Harrison Family.  It seems that secret negotiations have been under way for several days between representatives of the Assad Government and the Pawn Store owners, Rick Harrison and his father, known as “the Old Man'” to bring about an end to the crisis in the Middle East. 

Sources indicate that the Harrisons offered their services to the Obama Administration in the wake of the impending U.S. attack on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Stockpiles.   A representative of the Harrison Family,  one Chumlee Russell told reporters that he and the Harrisons had been discussing the situation and the idea was struck to offer their services as intermediaries,  to help end the conflict. 

Russell was sent to meet with the Syrian President yesterday with the goal of trying to make a deal on the purchase of the weapons and according to all reports, he was successful.   President Assad offered the weapons, with an asking price of one hundred million dollars but, through difficult negotiations, the Harrisons were able to shake hands on  the deal at $1,500 dollars. 

The Syrians were given five days to bring the weapons to the pawn shop and take them around to the back door, so they could be logged into the warehouse.

President Obama was deeply grateful to the family for their efforts and even signed a few pieces, for display in the store.  Right now there has been no announcement as to what the Harrisons will be doing with the weapons but, many believe they have a collector ready to purchase them at a price that will make them a large profit.