High Fives all Around

High Fives all Around

The man assigned to sign for the deaf at the funeral of Nelson Mandela was brought to a standstill during the speech given by President Obama.   The crowd was stunned when the interpreter suddenly stopped signing and just stood on stage staring into space.  When asked about his sudden “freezing up” during the ceremony,  the interpreter, one Thamganga Jantjie, said ” I found it impossible to sign for Obama because nothing he said was making any sense.”   “It’s impossible to sign for someone who speaks gibberish,” he added.  “There wasn’t anything in speech that can be translated into sign.”  “I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to sign such a great amount of BS.”

According to Jantjie, the liberal media in the US is accusing him of being delusional  on stage, when in reality, he was just dumbfounded and in shock, when listening to the incoherent mutterings of  the US President.    Jantjie laughed when asked whether Obama was in any danger from him.  “The only thing in danger on that stage was the intelligence of audience when Obama was talking.” 


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