Attention Whore Rule

Attention Whore’s Rule

Upon receiving a petition with well over 100,000 signatures, President Obama has decided to follow though and ordered the deportation of Justin Bieber to North Korea. 

The North Koreans have agreed to accept the embattled teen star mainly because Kim Jung-Un is a big fan of Beiber’s music.   The North Koreans have indicated that Bieber will be given an apartment in the nation’s capital of Pyongyang.  According to reports by the North Korean News Agency, he will be required to perform for Kim Jong-un on a monthly basis.

Additional reports indicate the deal was brokered by former NBA Superstar, Dennis Rodman.  Rodman recently visited the communist country in what was believed to be a purely social call on Jong-un.   American news agencies were shocked to find out that Rodman’s primary mission was to negotiate the turn over of Bieber to the North Koreans. 


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