imagesIn a strong rebuke of Vladamir Putin’s assertions of Russian genetic superiority, Jesse Owens a black American skier has won the first gold medal for the United States in the Giant Slalom.  Owens used his speed and athletic prowess to defeat Russian Ivan Yakinoff and the Chinese champion, Yuan Hung Lo,  by an astounding 2.35 seconds.  Owens is expected to participate in five other events in downhill skiing. 

“A black man winning this event to open the games is a black eye for Putin and the Russians that has been exacerbated by recent comments attributed to Putin in which he declared the Russian athletes to be genetically superior to almost ever other athlete at the games, especially those of color. ”  says Jeff Mayer, an assistant USA Ski Team Coach.  Owens, one of the USA’s most talented athletes is also known for his sprinting ability and is expected to participate in the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil. 


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