indexowRecent reports from Texas indicate that the Fort Hood Shooter’s rampage may have been caused by his inability to access the Obamacare Website.  Sources close to the shooter, Ivan Lopez are telling investigators that in recent days Lopez was increasingly angry about his inability to get onto the healthcare website.  “He has been trying for days to get himself and his family signed up for insurance,” said an unidentified friend.   “He mentioned more than once about how frustrated he was because the website kept going down and the deadline was coming up and he wasn’t able to get the insurance in time.” 

A member of Lopez’s family also bolstered the friend’s comment by saying the last time he spoke with Lopez, “He was really pissed and cursing the damn website.”   Reports indicate that immediately before the rampage Lopez shot at his computer in frustration. 

A spokesman for the fort, refused to confirm or deny the story.   When reached by phone, an Obamacare Navigator, indicated that he, and many others in his office were having difficulty signing up interested parties and understood the frustration, many Americans like Lopez were feeling.