689According to insider sources newly drafted NFL Defensive star Michael Sam will be wearing number 69.   Team spokesman Allan DeGeneres indicated the number assignment was purely random and that the player had no objection to his new uniform.  “Mike is cool with the new number and is excited to be in the NFL,” said DeGeneres. ”  “Besides it’s not the number that matters, it’s the fact that he is great at stuffing the offensive guys, hitting the hole quickly and, enjoys going after the ball,” he added. 

According to the team, Sam is expected to get a shot to start in 2014.  “We know Michael is great at stuffing the runner and has the ability to climb all over the receivers to choke them off,” noted DeGeneres.   “We feel so lucky to have a rookie who can cover the backside of a running back and is always looking to score.”   “He’s great at coming up all over the tight end of an opponent.”   “This guy is special,” said DeGeneres.  “I expect him to have a great career and make 69 something very popular indeed.”



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